What do you know about criminal defense? Often, everyday people find themselves in situations that they did not seek or expect. These situations involve being arrested, charged with a crime, or just having contact with either a local police department or law enforcement. Many times, the average person has no idea how to respond to these types of situations.

That is where an experienced criminal defense lawyer is essential to protecting your rights. At the Millea Law offices, Christopher Millea will strive to make every effort to protect your rights and afford you the best results for your particular matter. Every case is different, it requires individual attention and care so that the right result is presented to each client.

Being a former trial attorney with the Rhode Island Public Defender’s office, Christopher has real trial experience. However not every case or every client needs or wants a trial. While some clients wish to have a criminal trial, with a jury or judge, other clients elect to resolve the matters as quickly as possible. This may be due to the fact that someone doesn’t want to be involved in the criminal justice system, or it could simply be due to the fact that one wishes to admit their guilt and resolve that matter expeditiously. While all clients have their individual reasons, it is of utmost importance to discuss any criminal matter, Traffic matter, or domestic matter with the attorney of their choice.


A defendant’s criminal record should always be expunged, if a defendant is entitled by statute to have his or her criminal charges removed. Expungement of criminal records is covered by either § 12-10-12 Filing of complaints or 12-1.3 Expungement of Criminal Records. As such, it is first important to make a determination as to what a defendant has on his criminal record, if anything. This determination can be made Christopher Millea and the Millea Law offices. Many factors will be looked at in making this determination. However, it will ultimately require the filing of a motion which would be heard before a judge in either the District court or the superior court. Once a motion is properly filed it will be scheduled for a hearing and a judge will make a determination as to expungement. If the defendant’s record is allowed to be expunged, the judge will sign an order which would require both the Department of the Attorney General and the arresting police department to remove any and all records, photographs, fingerprints, or any other information from their computer systems regarding the defendants arrest. In addition, the order would remove any indication of the arrest or the charge from the court’s computer system. Please contact Christopher today so that he can expunge your criminal record.

“Please call Christopher to make all these decisions that much easier. He will strive to help each and every client make the right decision for their situation.“